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An FCA Camp is a certified ministry event that uses the annual theme and scripture for athletes and coaches to develop athletic skills, create influential relationships and encounter Jesus Christ.

The types of Camps are: Sports, Leadership, Coaches, Power, Team, Partnership and International. Camps are a time of “inspiration and perspiration.”

FCA provides athletes and coaches the opportunity to reach their God-given potential by offering comprehensive athletic, spiritual and leadership training in a camp environment. We create an athletic environment that produces spiritual transformation in the lives of coaches and athletes in a camp setting.

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2020 Camp Theme!

Mark 12:30

"And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.” 

100% God -- 100% Self -- 100% Team -- 100% Others

Sacrifice -- Surrender -- Surround -- Serve


Available Summer Camps

Here is what you can expect during our Summer Camp Seasons as a way to take your Faith to the next level with a change of place and a change of place, to create a change in perspective!


"I cannot thank you all enough for reaching my kid.  The call I received from him tonight will be one that I will remember all the days of my life.  I've never been more proud of my son. I've never been more thankful that those tears were tears of hope and tears of joy that surpass all understanding.  None of this would of been possible without FCA.  May God continue to reach athletes through this camp for years to come.  To God be the Glory!”

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Boys Black Mountain_2018
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Girls Black Mountain_2018

Camp Testimonies!

Team FCA Football Camp

"Without me even saying anything, our players have been asking non-stop about FCA Football camp!!....I'm excited to say we have committed to going back which I had pretty much decided after the first day last year....This was such a great experience for our players and our team as a whole...what FCA does in incomparable to any other camp I have ever experienced...we are excited to go back and I am even more excited that our players our excited about it!!"  

"Thank you for what you're doing for our future leaders.  My son returned today excited and most of all challenged!  May God continue to bless you as you work with these kids."

"Thanks 'coach' for taking care of our boys!  My son came home all hyped about the upcoming season and what he learned in chapel...Joshua 1:9"

Leadership Camp (Black Mountain)

"I knew I was going back to Leadership Camp before I even left the mountain last year."

"From the moment we got out of our van the Lord was working through the young adults that were to “lead” our students in their faith-filled weekend of praise, worship, learning and physical activity. If our young people arrived with barriers or nervousness it fell away immediately.  God worked through our students in many ways, more than I can name or fathom. The college huddle leaders who interacted with the campers were phenomenal. I am not exaggerating. They loved on the kids in a Godly way, bringing them together in prayer, praise, team sports and more. I thoroughly enjoyed the mini classes/breakout sessions we attended as school leaders. During our leisure time we hiked with the kids, swam, prayed with one another and honestly just took in the mountainous beauty that God blessed us with.  Perhaps my favorite experience was an evening prayer walk that I participated in with another huddle leader. I would be remiss not to mention it and the powerful experience it had on students. Powerful stuff!  I urge you to take the journey to Black Mountain this summer."