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Off-Campus Ministry

Off-Campus Ministry is the opportunity to reach coaches and athletes through the club, travel and recreational sport environment.

The types of Off-Campus Ministry are: Team Huddle, Coaches Huddle, Club Huddle and FCA Sport Teams. With the majority of athletes playing sports in off-campus programs, FCA is ministering to the club, recreational and youth sports teams with the goal of establishing on-going ministry for coaches and athletes to compete for Jesus Christ with character, passion and excellence.

Huddle, by definition, is "to come together to receive special instruction."  On the sites of our Coastal North Carolina community sports, our mission is to create Huddles, supervised by an adult(s), lead by our students/athletes, to provide those who play sports in this environment, a platform to learn about Jesus Christ for the very first time, or live out their faith and dive deeper into the lessons learned in churches all over our area.

Community Huddle_Jack Leary
Step Ahead Gymnastics_Influence Athlete