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Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry is a certified ministry that is initiated and led by student-athletes, sponsored by coaches, supported by staff, established on junior high, high school or college campuses and meets on a regular basis.

The types of Campus Ministry are: Club Huddle, Team Huddle, and Coaches Huddle.

The school campus can be one of the most strategic mission fields with many youth passing through this portal. FCA focuses on equipping, enabling, empowering and encouraging student-athletes, coaches and adult leaders to impact and influence their campus for Christ.

Huddle, by definition, is "to come together to receive special instruction."  On the Campuses of Coastal North Carolina, our mission is to create Huddles, supervised by an adult(s), lead by our students/athletes, to provide those who attend a platform to, maybe learn about Jesus Christ for the very first time, or live out their faith and dive deeper into the lessons learned in churches all over our area.  

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